It surprises me at times what a pleasure research can be. Of course, the deeper I try to dig into something, the more I find myself faced with dead ends — but the thrill of the search remains. There is also the joy of finding new, unexpected things — things that no one else probably cares about that happen to strike my interests.

And when I’m the only one who seems to care to know something — that is when it grows difficult. Sometimes it would be nice to know more than three pages worth of a certain person, or to steer away from mere facts and learn details, but perhaps sometimes an anatomist is just an anatomist or a composer is just a composer. I don’t agree with the indifference that is always thrown in my face, but I am aware that indifference towards Old Things (or “dead things”) is abundant.

And this is exactly how great entities are forgotten: through indifference. Carelessness. Apathy.

It’s saddening and maddening  to see pieces of the past fade away into obscurity, but it is a pleasure to be able to exhume them when possible.