What are your preferred writing conditions?

I’ve grown to be very particular about my writing conditions as of late. This wasn’t always the case.  When I was a teenager I could plop down anywhere and start writing up a storm, no matter how chaotic the setting was. That extreme adaptability is gone, but it was very nice while I had it.

Now I always have to be alone and in a quiet place, and that quiet place is usually in my study. If I’m on a good roll with my writing, I can write at any time of day. But when the words aren’t flowing with the great constancy that makes it difficult to step away from my writing, I’m starting to favor the evening. Daytime is simply too distracting, especially if the weather is nice or if I have other obligations. Nighttime is usually safe. As it gets later, the probability of getting distracted by the outside world decreases, not to mention that it’s harder to see out the back window. So when it looks like this outside, it’s usually time for me  to start writing if I haven’t been able to earlier.

In recent months I got a new desk, which is very accommodating in size. I can finally spread out all of my research with ease and still have room to write! But it also brings forth a new matter I need to adjust to. It concerns my cat, who has decided to take on the job of being my personal editor. 

There’s plenty of room for him, too, so I don’t exactly have the heart to tell him to hop off (and besides — he’s little). It’s undeniably a cute habit of his. But sometimes I find it difficult to write while a pair of yellow eyes stares intently at my face, or when he sulks about on my desk for giving my computer or journal more attention than him. If nothing else, he does make sure I stay on task. And I am grateful for his company. Writing doesn’t necessarily have to be lonely business.