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I’ve been to a variety of doctors and specialists over time. And the care I’ve been most pleased with is that provided for my cat at the vet. Yes, my cat gets stellar medical service. So if you want great medical care, have fur and four legs. (Alas, I don’t qualify.)

For one thing, I can usually get a vet appointment on the same day that I call. When making an appointment for myself at the human doctor, I have to choose between a one- to two-week wait or going to the emergency room.

My cat is dealing with a condition right now. And I have my own problems, too. But the kitty has gotten more phone calls about his progress and care instructions than I’ve ever gotten from any doctor in the past. I know how to take care of my cat every step of the way. As for my own health, that’s more of a guessing game. These veterinarians are actually concerned about their patients!

I hope this little guy appreciates his health care, because I’m almost jealous.

Besides, the patients in the waiting room at the vet are far more interesting than those at the human general practitioner. (No offense intended, humans.) Not to mention that my cat gets treats at the vet. Just for being cute and fuzzy, I suppose. All I ever get are pills.

In spite of the positive aspects, I’m not about to make an appointment for myself at the vet. I don’t think I’d enjoy being shoved in a carrier to go to my appointment, and I do appreciate that we humans don’t get our temperatures taken via our rear ends.

UPDATE 06-14-2012: My conscience tells me to take back some of what I have said in this post… Lately (since the writing of this post) I have been dealing with some excellent specialists who are as helpful as my cat’s veterinarian, if not moreso. Kudos to them for proving me wrong — one instance in which it is a great feeling to be proven incorrect!