You can stare at a blank page for hours and get no ideas, no thoughts… But if you start writing one little thought and hold on tight, it will spark others, and all the little thoughts will branch out into such an overwhelming mess of creativity that you’ll wonder why you had such a difficult time writing in the first place. Once you get in the habit of writing, it will be hard to set your pen aside. Once you cease, your thoughts will dry up. Don’t ever stop.


…so I haven’t posted anything here since 2014. It’s been a while. Does that necessarily mean this blog is dead? Absolutely not. It only went dormant for a few winks. (Much like myself, so it feels.)

Thank you to those who stopped by in my absence, and to those who have commented recently (what a pleasant surprise), thank you for reminding me of the existence of this little blog.

I might focus more on the art and craft of writing than on medicine in posts to come as my medical enthusiasm has mellowed somewhat, but who knows? Some things cannot be determined or predicted.