I write fiction–therefore my blog focuses on everything related to that, be it writing or reading, or the themes of my stories. I tend to write stories set in the past (19th century to be precise, and oh how I loathe calling it “historical fiction”). Medicine interests me, as does music and the visual arts, and I love libraries, so my fiction tends to run along such themes. Cats are sure to find their way here from time to time as well. There is no controlling those creatures.

Books are a joy and make up a major part of my life. Be it blank journals to write in or regular books to read, I’m almost constantly surrounded by books and love living a papery existence. (Digital clutter I could do without.) Call me a professional bookworm if you like.

The “black coat era” of medicine, from Liston to Lister and a bit beyond in both directions, fascinates me. As a writer, it’s a rich trove for ideas, and as a patient, it has helped me to face my old fears and view it all in a different light. There was a time when I couldn’t stomach anything medical. Eventually fear fizzled out, and now I’m intrigued. As to how this drastic change took place, even I don’t fully understand.

I also love classical music, particularly when it involves piano or organ. I play a little piano for personal pleasure, so it’s only natural that some of my characters would inherit such interests from me. I like to stress that I’m not a performer. Piano-playing is my self-prescribed physical therapy.

I live in a quiet nook somewhere in Pennsylvania, where I work in a public library and enjoy scribbling away in my notebooks whenever I find the time. And I really do have a BA in English, although I’m sometimes mistaken for a more scientific sort.


“The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.” — Romans 13:12 (NIV)



Black and White version of the Gross Clinic, G91

Black and White version of the Gross Clinic, G91 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. For some reason you leave me with the impression that you are a modern day, Emily Dickinson.
    Dressed in black and banging on your piano in frustration.
    Fantasy over, i really enjoy your site.

    • Thank you for the comment and for stopping by!
      Your comparison amused me. While you nailed the fact that I favor wearing somber colors, and I do have a tendency to be a piano banger, I’d hardly call myself frustrated — I’m quite a content person, in fact! And, thankfully, I get out of my house a heck of a lot more than Dickinson.
      However, I do happen to like Dickinson very much.

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